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  • Priva and its UK dealer network launched the first 'modular', fully-fitted containerised pump house. This intelligent solution for irrigation and fertigation improves the water and energy efficiency on your fruit-growing site(s). It also saves you a lot of time and costs on electrical and pipe work installation. The container was very well received at the FruitFocus trade show, in Kent.

    Assembling your own pump house

    The new pump house is a significant improvement in comparison to existing pump rooms that don't provide the flexibility and features of the innovative Priva solution. Nick Field, Commercial Manager of Priva UK Ltd: "Thanks to the modular design, the customer can customise his own pump house by choosing from a long list of options . All selected options will be skid mounted, so that they can be fork-lifted into a customer's existing container, existing pump house, or pre-installed into a container before shipment to the customer."

    Packed with functions

    The 6.5 m shipping container at Fruit Focus gave a good impression of the various features and options, all designed to increase efficiency and profitability. The container was fitted out by specialist irrigation installer and Priva Dealer, Arden Lea Irrigation Ltd, with a Priva NutriJet fertiliser dosing unit. The NutriJet is a modern and attractive alternative to a mixing tank system. It injects the fertiliser solution directly into the mainstream irrigation water. Therefore, an extra fresh water supply pump is not necessary.

    The pump house was also equipped with an automatic filter system, fully aerated fertiliser stock tanks, 3-phase and single phase NICEIC certificated electrical supplies, automatic frost protection, lighting and a ventilation system. Further options include fresh water supply systems when required, SMS alarm systems, 2-wire and wireless valve control options. Bicarbonate removal and pH correction of supply water can also be managed with the addition of a Priva Neutralizer.

    Whole assembly by one specialist

    Nick Field: "In the past, a lot of growers have traditionally sourced their containers locally. However, most of them now agree that it probably is cheaper to have the whole container assembled and customised by one specialist company beforehand. A specialist with a lot of experience with Priva equipment, and irrigation equipment generally, can simplify the whole process."


  • User-friendly interface

    Also shown on the Priva stand was Priva Office Direct user-interface, which can be connected to the pump house control system. The user-friendly interface works with all Priva process control systems to simplify operation and collate data from indoor and outdoor environments. It provides you with easy-to-read, graphical reports about current and historical horticultural processes, to help monitor and target any inefficiencies (such as instances of water or energy waste). These reports can be accessed remotely, via computer or smartphone.


    Available to all dealers

    Although manufactured by one of Priva's long-standing UK dealers, Arden Lea Irrigation, Priva is making the containerised pump house available to all dealers as an option. Those dealers can supply the Priva rig, along with their own preferred filters (etc.), to Arden Lea for fitment into the container.

    More information

    Would you like to know more information on Priva's fully-fitted and fully customisable containerised pump house or Priva Office Direct user-interface? Send an email or give us a call on +44 (0)1923 81 34 80.

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