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Bunnik Plants and Priva deploy the right solutions for high-quality export products full of emotion.

Would you like to know more about doing business internationally? 

Peter Könemann
  • "Focus on internationalisation: yes. Our own site abroad: no. At least, not yet." That, in a nutshell is Frans Bunnik's answer when asked about the activities of Bunnik Plants in the international market. With a daily range of around 80 different species of which 70% are grown under its own management and with its own production of 700,000 plants per week, exporting is essential for this impressive growing and trading company from Bleiswijk, The Netherlands. Its broad international approach is characterized by sales throughout Europe primarily of green potted plants, but also of flowering potted plants and by the importing of plants and pots from around the world.

    Not only does the flow of products to and from Bleiswijk give this operation an international character, but also the flow of customers. The Bunnik Plants team regularly visit customers, growers and other suppliers around the world and frequently invite European retailers to visit their Green Event Centre. This year-round product presentation at the main site in Bleiswijk demonstrates to customers the company's versatility. The inspiration center forms the basis for customer consultations. Responding to the needs of the retail sector represents the foundation for the success of this potted plant company which in late October was nominated for the Horticulture Entrepreneur Prize 2017.

    Getting a feeling for what the end customer wants is what Bunnik Plants strives to achieve. Alongside the invitations to come to the production site, there are also visits to major international customers. "In the case of large orders, we go to the stores to experience how the products are doing. Seeing how consumers react gives us so much valuable information," explains Frans Bunnik. And for this reason, consumers are also welcome to visit the Green Event Center.

    The company's vision has led them to a top position in the European market supplying to every country on the continent. Customers from Italy to Russia and Germany as its main consumer market make it no coincidence that 80-90% of production is intended for export. Its own site abroad would seem to be the next logical step. 


    "No," explains Bunnik decisively, "that's not for us. We've opted for good international cooperation. On the other hand, we're not ruling out a foreign site completely. If we came across a suitable opportunity, we'll would make the most of it. That's how we've managed to grow in size".

    Cooperation is the key word that this successful entrepreneur wishes to share with his fellow growing companies. "But don't think too big and remember that nothing ever succeeds all at once, and certainly not without a lot of hard work. With experience you can create the most beautiful things." In addition, his advice is to constantly expand your field of vision, certainly beyond national borders. "With all the modern technologies and means of communication, the world is getting smaller all the time, so it's important to think more internationally."

    Watch the video featuring Frans Bunnik talking about internationalisation:

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Bunnik Plants

Frans Bunnik is co-owner of the potted plant company Bunnik Plants in Bleiswijk. In addition to Frans, two other brothers are active in the family business. The five-person management team also includes two enthusiastic representatives of the young Bunnik generation, each with their own specialty. Keeping customers enthusiastic via the intermediate trade and encouraging them to buy plants on a regular basis, that is the company's motto. "Whenever we come across an opportunity, we make the most of it," says Frans Bunnik. "Added value is a must, because consumers are primarily buying emotion." 


Bunnik chooses Priva

One company, 25 hectares, seven crop locations and more than fifty different species, that is what Bunnik Plants is all about. Achieving the desired growing climate for each location and for each group of potted plants ensures optimum quality of the end product. Growing automation is therefore essential for the business and for the cultivation managers. "Of course, human control is still important, but the added value of computers and sensors in the greenhouse is increasing all the time. Priva is an important partner for us in that process."


The Grower Files

Under the intriguing title 'The Grower Files', Priva has launched a video section in which notable national and international growers will outline their vision of relevant issues in the (greenhouse) horticulture industry. In these video messages 'by growers for growers', the entrepreneurs will also give an interesting insight into their business philosophy.


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