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Sustainable solutions for climate control and process management

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  • The Priva way

You can't do business on your own! This is why Priva recognises the importance of making partnerships with likeminded organisations. Now more than ever, this involves taking a global, multi-disciplinary approach, establishing new connections across sectors and around the world.

Priva works with an international network of certified partner organisations. These partners are not only familiar with the Priva products, they also contribute their specialist knowledge of local customs and culture. As a result, Priva can remain competitive and offer a local, tailored service to our customers all over the world.

What does this mean for...


For you, the user, this means that you can access local support from an installer with a thorough knowledge of your installation. Priva supports your installer with knowledge and resources, which guarantees the continuity of your business operations. Priva Partners are attuned to what's going on in your part of the world and, as a result, they can provide you with the products and services that perfectly work seamlessly with your company.

dealer or partner

Priva products are renowned for their quality and reliability. This can only be guaranteed if these products are sold, installed and maintained by professionals. For this reason, Priva works with a global network of partners, dealers and resellers. We have certified these partners and fully introduced them to the Priva procedures and systems. Because of the Priva support, as a dealer or partner, you can be sure of reliable products and appropriate service equipment to support you in your contact with your customers. 


Priva is continually investing in new products and concepts. After all, today's innovation is tomorrow's standard. We believe in stimulating innovation through shared knowledge, which is why we regularly collaborate with universities and research institutes.

We invest more than 15% of our gross turnover in research & development (R&D). Collaborating with knowledgeable third parties means that our innovation & research (I&R) department is frequently at the cutting edge of important new technology.


A consultant provides a fundamental link between the supplier and the end user. At Priva, we place considerable value on maintaining a good relationship with every consultant. As a consultant, you can rely on Priva's state-of-the-art hardware and software, which offer seamless integration with other manufacturers' systems. What's more, with Priva, the end user always obtains the ownership of the complete project software. The flexibility (scaleable, modular and independent of field equipment) and reliability offered by Priva make us the natural choice for you as a consultant. 

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