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Sustainable solutions for climate control and process management

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  • What we do

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    Priva develops and produces innovative solutions on the field of climate, water, energy and productivity, aiming for optimal efficiency for the horticultural processes.

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The Priva themes

  • Water

    In horticulture, sufficient clean water is a basic requirement for a successful crop. In some regions, water is scarce and, in many cases, discharging drainage water becomes a complicated and costly matter. This means that water conservation makes good business sense. Priva technology allows for the economical and responsible management of water in every horticultural business.

    A small selection of Priva's Water solutions:

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  • Energy

    The importance of energy management is increasing, both in building-management and in horticulture. Priva solutions for energy management enable you to balance your energy flows and provide you with the most up-to-date knowledge and insights at all times, thus ensuring that you have valuable management information and can determine your energy strategy.
  • Climate

    In order to create a healthy indoor climate, the temperature, light intensity, air humidity and CO2 concentration within the space must be completely in tune. This is true for a greenhouse, but it is also true for a classroom, hotel room or office. Priva provides a range of solutions that allow you to monitor and accurately control any indoor environment.

    A small selection of Priva's Climate solutions:

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  • Process

    Your productivity in horticulture depends on the optimal control of every crop-related process. The process computer is the heartbeat of your company. Priva provides a range of solutions for automation problems within your company. This allows you to reliably and efficiently optimise your business operations.

    A small selection of Priva's Process solutions:

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  • Management

    There is a wealth of information already available within your business. Priva can help you to utilise all this information, so that the right decisions can be made at the right time. Priva’s automation solutions are flexible and modular, so you can always choose the system that best suits your needs.

    A small selection of Priva's Management solutions:

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