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Sustainable solutions for climate control and process management

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  • Priva Energy Advice

  • Energy saving from 2%
  • Energy advicetailored to your company
  • A single overview of the improvement points in all areas
  • Efficient buying and selling of energy

Would you like to know more about what Priva Energy Advice could mean for your company? 

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Tailor made energy advice

In recent years the consumption of energy in the horticultural sector has become a complicated matter. The prices have risen so enormously, multi-year agreements are being made and the legislation is becoming more and more complicated. Energy saving is an extremely important factor in the horticulture sector.

Savings from 2%

Priva Energy Advice lets you build on our years of knowledge and experience. Amongst other things, it brings clarity to your gas consumption and you can fine tune your energy settings and energy installation to suit your own requirements. Whether it is energy-related matters such as heat buffers, CHPs, lighting, CO2, screens or Temperature Integration.  The Energy Advisor also addresses the (connection with) temperature settings, humidity influences, vents, pipes, day/night periods, etc. By making even better use of your systems Priva Energy Advice can save from 2% of your current energy costs.

Energy analysis from A to Z

Priva Energy Advice comprises:

  • Equipment scan
  • Consumption advice
  • Settings advice
  • Assistance in customising the layout and analysing the graphs
  • Setting suitable alarm limits

To do this, our Priva Energy Advisor will visit you and will start with a thorough analysis of your installation. In doing so he will check if the sensors have been installed in the correct location, if the mixing valve is functioning correctly and that there is no air in the mains. In addition, he will check if the heat buffer is being used sufficiently and if the CO2 production is at the correct level.

Based on this analysis an overview will be created of the improvement points within the capabilities of the installation. Examples of this are matters such as the buffer strategy, the radiation strategy and energy screens, the humidity ratio in the glasshouse, the temperature and CO2 reduction.

Energy strategy

In addition, the Priva Advisor will help you to find the strategy tailored to your company between purchasing energy and exporting it to the network. Where possible, a situation will be sought where you can work independently of an energy supplier. Naturally, this includes an analysis of your process computer, including the desired settings for the computer. 

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