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Sustainable solutions for climate control and process management

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  • Training & Support

Get the most out of your Priva equipment

Advice and support are particularly important to Priva's total customer-oriented service. Priva specialists can help you with all your horticultural questions. They offer technical support for installation and maintenance and can advise you with optimizing your growing climates, managing energy and irrigation settings in your Priva process computer. Our main purpose is to create the best growing conditions at the lowest cost.


Priva provides solutions to get the most out of your Priva equipment
Thinking of Remote Support:

Helpdesk support
Support in the daily use of your Priva equipment.
(Online) Training
Step-by-step (online) training to get the most out of your Priva equipment
Sharing knowledge through workshops and seminars delivered over the Internet
Specialized services in areas such as climate, energy and technical advice.
Our specialists log-in to your system to provide customized and tailored advice for your system(s).

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