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Opening hours during the Christmas season

16 December 201412:00

We would like to inform you about the holiday hours during the Christmas season. The Priva office in De Lier will be closed on the following dates: 

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TIP: irrigation down to the drop with Priva Root Optimizer

16 December 201412:00

  • Water Water l'Eau Water Wasser Agua
  • Climate Klimaat Climatisation Climate Klima Clima

How much water does your plants need? It is probably often long years of practical experience or a feeling in giving the right volume of water. The Priva Root Optimizer is a perfect solution to support your water management choices. The plant itself determines the right moment of water gift, resulting in a healthy root system with a better nutrient uptake and an increased production. 

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Priva launches Russian horticulture website

04 December 201412:00

Priva proudly presents her Russian horticulture website. The website has the same modern look and feel as and but with a special focus on the Russian market., a website with ambition.

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Temporary price reduction on Priva Compact!

28 November 201412:00

The Priva Connext process computer has a smaller version, namely the Priva Compact. This computer incorporates the basic controls for climate and water dosage in combination with a simple operation. The Priva Compact is a reliable, user-friendly and attractively priced process computer with Priva's proven horticulture technology. You can rely on the knowledge and expertise that Priva has gained from 55 years of experience in the horticulture industry.

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Visiting Priva popular by Japanese organizations!

16 October 201412:00

On October 2nd 2014, two Japanese Agricultural Cooperatives visited the Priva Campus: Ja Chuokai and Ja Keizairen. The delegation of 30 people came to Priva to get an inside look at the latest high-tech products and knowledge in the horticulture industry. 



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