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  • A new series of video reports: Growing Together with…

De Lier, The Netherlands  10 May 201712:00

Priva brings project-based collaboration to your screen

In late 2015, Priva launched its video section entitled "The Grower Files". In four short videos, notable growers from the Netherlands and abroad outline their vision regarding topical issues and issues of importance in greenhouse horticulture. Building on the success of those video reports, Priva is now launching a new series of videos entitled "Growing Together with...". In this series, the emphasis will be on collaboration within the sector as the starting point when carrying out promising projects in greenhouse horticulture.


The theme of the ongoing series called The Grower Files is: "From growers, for growers". In this series, the key personalities are prominent entrepreneurs from a number of different sub-segments of the greenhouse horticulture sector. They provide viewers with an interesting insight into their vision and the philosophy of their businesses with regard to topics such as internationalization and water, climate and energy management. Judging by the many positive responses received from entrepreneurs who have viewed these short and informative videos, this approach has been successful. The old saying that "growers learn from growers" is still true to this day, even if the learning takes place using the very latest media. The fourth episode of The Grower Files is scheduled to be released in the coming months.

Collaboration is coming your screen
The positive elements and the experiences gained while producing The Grower Files will also be incorporated in this new initiative: Growing Together with… In this new series, the entrepreneurs themselves will not be at center-stage. Instead, the focus will be on projects that are enabling the horticulture sector to progress to a whole new level. In the past few years, a variety of similar stories have already appeared on the Priva website, focusing on solutions that the company is providing in the areas of climate, water, energy or fertilization.

But the message can be brought across is a faster, more active and up to date way. This new series of video reports will show the collaboration that takes place between various parties. Growing Together with… will tell the story of how (large) state-of-the-art horticultural projects actually come about. A process that can take years will be summarized in a captivating and stimulating video lasting just a few minutes. The intention is to get growers to start thinking about "there is something in it for me".

Growing Together with …
In many cases, it can take around five years to see state-of-the-art construction projects in the horticulture industry through to completion. Illustrating this in a short and concise way is no picnic, but rather a challenge that no other company has ever taken up before, but one which Priva believes will provide significant added value. New-build projects require collaboration and that enables everyone to grow together. That is why this new series will be called: Growing Together with ...

A key feature of the series will be the contact that takes place between the grower, as the end-customer, and Priva as the supplier. The issues discussed will be of a practical nature, such as what went well, what problems arose and what pitfalls were encountered. In short - the creation of a promising greenhouse horticulture project, from the drawing board right through to completion. The first episode of "Growing Together with ..." is scheduled for release this coming fall. The subject of that episode is the phased construction of NoordVliet, a location in Middenmeer in The Netherlands, belonging to tomato company CombiVliet. Look for the announcements on the social media!

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